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Winter Break recommendations


Today is the last day of my hiatus from my so-called collegiate life. Media consumed / discovered/ enjoyed this break:

Music: Regina Spektor

I am currently obsessed with this woman. Her voice is beautiful, the songs are just melodic enough but also very quirky, they tell great stories.

Any suggestions for a WordPress plugin that lets me easily embed YouTube videos? Until I figure it out, here are the links:

the single. I adore this video.

Book 1: Searching for God Knows What – by Donald Miller

More stream of consciousness – entertaining and enlightening – thoughts on Christian spirituality from the author of Blue Like Jazz. Very enjoyable, but I think I prefer Blue Like Jazz.

“Reality is like a fine wine. It does not appeal to children” -Donald Miller

Book 2: The Phantom of the Opera – by Gaston Leroux

A little slow, but I am really enjoying the historical fiction theme. I just got my hands on the original silent film, which I am looking forward to watching.

Topic: Social Media

Check out my post on the RD2 blog, shouting out to Time’s Person of the Year article and Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang. He’s kind of a big deal in the blog world, and he commented back!

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