My Crazy Life and Aggie Football


It’s been a crazy few weeks. Two tests, a speech, and a choir performance (including extra night rehearsals) burned me out , and then this week I have done a lot of hanging out with friends (roommates especially) and not being productive. I need to strike a balance. Let’s hope that’s what this week will be. Can you believe it’s already November?

This weekend was a blast, even though we suffered a heart breaking loss to OU that I would rather not discuss. I went to the game with my good friend who is one of the drum majors of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band and not only had a great view, but also felt very important.

with Partlow at midnight yell

One more football game, and my college football experience is over. Elephant walk will be a sad day (Click the link for more info if you’re not familiar with the tradition).

But until then, there is one more game to play on Kyle Field, and it’s a very important, so BTHO NEBRASKA!

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